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Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Our Lab ( is working on Flexo as well. We are working with two of the Universities involved: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Part of our contribution will be implementing a real world pilot of adaptive learning in the hospital using .LRN. This project is just starting up. Thanks for the heads-up Malte.
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Posted by Caroline Meeks on

What code base will you be using for adaptive learning? How far along is it?

We have a little side project we want to do. All the MCAS tests (Massachusetts standardized tests) from prior years are online and categorized. We'd like to make a site where students could practice for the MCAS.

Technically we'll screen scrape the questions and load them into whatever tool will become the adaptive testing engine. Are you planning on extending the capability of Assessment? If so we can work on the scraping and entering them into assessment as we wait for the adaptive code.

How will the adaptive piece work? Do you have use cases you are working against? Do you have a timeframe?

FAQs for people who might be curious.

Why would you want to do this? Standardized tests are evil! - Yes and adaptive testing is an effective way to do better on them. We hope to push the test givers to move toward better tests by destroying the illusion that standardized multiple choice tests are effective measures.

Who would study for these tests?

Two groups -

1. Students who are in danger of failing and not getting their high school diplomas

2. In Massachusetts if you get an advanced score on the MCAS you get a scholarship to a state university, so students who can not afford college may also wish to study to improve their scores.