Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to alternative logo

Posted by good bye on
I have to jump in and say that I do _not_ like this logo, nor do I
like the original ACS logo (nor do I like ArsDigita's logo, for that
matter). I agree with Alan in that the blue (and the washed out
grey) seem too corporate. The thin font looks like a default GIMP
font and that combined with the generic corporate color scheme
makes the logo seem very cheap...i.e. a chintzy corporation...the
last one you would want to deal with.

I'm going to be a bad commenter and not post an alternative
logo, due to time constraints. In early August , I'll have more time
to create this. In the mean time, here are some suggestions:

- use a fatter font with the letters more tightly spaced, like arial

- don't say "ebusiness platform" (most ebusiness platform
vendors (besides IBM, etc) are totally fucked right now)

- make it smaller (look at IBM, Microsoft, Oracle)

- make it more "fun" looking

The last point is debateable...but every lame "ebusiness
platform" from ATG to Vignette to ...uh...ArsDigita seems to be
using the same wretched generic "ebusiness" design firm to
design their sites. Sort of this weird "corporation of the future"
look. It looks bad and makes everything look the same. Why try to
emulate them?

OpenACS is supposedly "community" software...when thinking of
"community" I typically think of fun, interesting people I want to
communicate with, not a conference room in an office building.

The design should be "fun and interesting" rather than looking
like something that would be in the annual report of an
insurance company.