Forum OpenACS Q&A: alternative logo

Posted by Matthew Terenzio on
Here is a possible alternative logo. My feelings here are that we should stick to themes like grey, blue, Alex(dog). There should be a place where we can store artwork on the site for developers to use. I had originally thought that the Gatekeepers should authorize the use of acceptable art, but that is foolish for a number of reasons. The community should be the governing body. Any suggestions? By the way I'm not sensitive about the art. Tell me what you think. Is the eBusiness platform part not appropriate? This graphic is a .jpg
Posted by Matthew Terenzio on
On second thought, I'm thinking again that there should be some censorship. We don't want thousands of different logos out there..........or do we?
Posted by Mat Kovach on
I rather like the picture.  It would be a good idea to have an area set aside for graphics related on OpenACS.  If for no other reason than the fact that other comparable applications have.  Heck if have a few accectable graphics, we could possibly setup an ad banner service via the banner module for display.  That way the community could get "approve" them and still have a bit of control over them.
Posted by Janine Ohmer on
I like the logo but not the "eBusiness platform";  not only does it
sound very "dot-com" to me, but many of the sites being built with
OpenACS are not really business sites at all.  However, for those
which are, and are being built in the buzzword-laden IT world,
this logo might be just the ticket.

How about keeping this one and making two more, one that
says "community system" (or something similar) at the bottom
and one without any wording there?

I'm trying to stay out of the whole leadership fracas so I won't
comment on whether we need a committee or not. :)

Posted by Pascal Scheffers on
Nice-ish. But do make it a .gif, jpgs are very inapropriate for this
type of graphic. Makes it all fuzzy and stuff, not sharp and snappy -
like OpenACS actually is :)
Posted by Alan Pater on
Oh, please, drop the blue. The psycological associations to blue don't work for me. Blue is cold, corporate, impersonal.
Posted by Sam Snow on
I don't think the blue is bad... but if you don't like it can you suggest any other color schemes that could be used?

If you look around and find an example, you could post in html and make it show up...

Posted by good bye on
I have to jump in and say that I do _not_ like this logo, nor do I
like the original ACS logo (nor do I like ArsDigita's logo, for that
matter). I agree with Alan in that the blue (and the washed out
grey) seem too corporate. The thin font looks like a default GIMP
font and that combined with the generic corporate color scheme
makes the logo seem very cheap...i.e. a chintzy corporation...the
last one you would want to deal with.

I'm going to be a bad commenter and not post an alternative
logo, due to time constraints. In early August , I'll have more time
to create this. In the mean time, here are some suggestions:

- use a fatter font with the letters more tightly spaced, like arial

- don't say "ebusiness platform" (most ebusiness platform
vendors (besides IBM, etc) are totally fucked right now)

- make it smaller (look at IBM, Microsoft, Oracle)

- make it more "fun" looking

The last point is debateable...but every lame "ebusiness
platform" from ATG to Vignette to ...uh...ArsDigita seems to be
using the same wretched generic "ebusiness" design firm to
design their sites. Sort of this weird "corporation of the future"
look. It looks bad and makes everything look the same. Why try to
emulate them?

OpenACS is supposedly "community" software...when thinking of
"community" I typically think of fun, interesting people I want to
communicate with, not a conference room in an office building.

The design should be "fun and interesting" rather than looking
like something that would be in the annual report of an
insurance company.

Posted by David Walker on
Personally I like it but I recommend, if we're interested in a
spiffy logo, that we set up a logo contest.  The community could
vote on the idea we like best and we could have a variety to choose
Posted by Janine Ohmer on
I think we need multiple logos, for all the reasons Rolf
mentioned.  Sometimes you need a corporate logo;  if we build a
corporate site, they're not going to want a "fun" logo at the
bottom.  But if we build a cool community site, they're not going to
want a "corporate" logo.  So having a few styles to choose from
would be a good idea.
Posted by good bye on
I think you can get a decent mix of "corporate" and "fun."
Check out apple's logo, as an example.
Posted by Jerry Asher on
Well I do like the current logo, but how about something iconic and fun that pays homage to both Tcl and Alex? Imagine, say the Tcl feather, but with only a white and shaggy samoyed's tail wagging?
Posted by Rafael Calvo on
I second Jerry's motion. I like the logo we have now, but if we change it I would do it for something that doesn't highlight ACS, it might be confusing in the future, the two are different products.