Forum OpenACS Development: OpenACS 4.0 timeline

Posted by Matthew Soldo on
What is the timeline of the availability for the OACS 4 beta? The
pages on the subject on this site look a little stale. How useable is
the current core for new module development?


Posted by Don Baccus on
The core's reasonably stable - check with package owners for specifics.

I would hope we could roll out a reasonable beta by end of August.  We're very dependent on folks' individual schedules, of course.  The heartening news is that our newer porting crew have been learning and getting up to speed nicely - expect the pace to quicken as everyone gets more experience.

Posted by David Kuczek on
I just checked out

ans saw that kernel, mail, notification and subsite as core-modules are not entirely ported yet. Is this correct?

Maybe we could put a date to every matrix or even every module, telling members when this information, especially the Completion Status, has been updated?

Posted by Don Baccus on
Subsite's the biggest piece left undone.  Jon Griffin is nearly done with the notifications/mail stuff.

If other folks would like me to enter the date on which I change status entries I could do that.  Would others find that useful?

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on

Yes, I think the date of updates would be good to add, both per entry and also as a 'Date' subhead at the top of the status document itself, which would be the most recent update date.

I also played a little with colouring in some cells of the tables, to make (a) modules with noone assigned, and (b) modules already 'PORTED' stand out. Using trivial Perl oneliners,

(a) can be done by:

  perl -pe 's%(<tr><td>[-a-z ]*</td>)<td> &nbsp%$1<td bgcolor="red"> &nbsp%' status.html >status2.html

(b) then needs

  perl -pe 's/<td>( *PORTED)/<td bgcolor="green">$1/' status2.html >newstatus.html

Is this a useful (minor) improvement (maybe you can use less garish colours)?