Forum OpenACS Development: Response to OpenACS 4.0 timeline

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on

Yes, I think the date of updates would be good to add, both per entry and also as a 'Date' subhead at the top of the status document itself, which would be the most recent update date.

I also played a little with colouring in some cells of the tables, to make (a) modules with noone assigned, and (b) modules already 'PORTED' stand out. Using trivial Perl oneliners,

(a) can be done by:

  perl -pe 's%(<tr><td>[-a-z ]*</td>)<td> &nbsp%$1<td bgcolor="red"> &nbsp%' status.html >status2.html

(b) then needs

  perl -pe 's/<td>( *PORTED)/<td bgcolor="green">$1/' status2.html >newstatus.html

Is this a useful (minor) improvement (maybe you can use less garish colours)?