Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Commenting on the documentation?

Posted by Don Baccus on
Well, if you've been following events here, you'll have noticed that the kind folks at Musea Technology have offered their services to help
improve this site.  This will include a fair chunk of programming services.

Ben and Musea are asking for input, and of course a hot item is the whole issue of collecting documentation improvements from our user base.

The biggest problem with the openacs site can be found in your statement regarding "criticism of the current methods for collecting community feedback and SUGGESTION FOR WORK THAT SOMEONE ELSE COULD DO TO MAKE IT BETTER."

Pardon me for being nothing but a humble, unpaid volunteer who can only spare a dozen or so hours a week on the OpenACS project, but suggestions for work that SOMEONE ELSE CAN DO, while satifying to the person making the request, in many cases will lead to a suggestion of work that will NEVER get done.

The Musea folk have offered an alternative - along with suggestions they're offering a bunch of their time to implement them.

Along with some time to implement suggestions made by those like you who apparently hope that someone else will implement them.

I realize that you folks at Civilution are very busy with client work
at the moment, but still ... I have to admit to being a bit tired of folks demanding improvements in the website or overall project management without offering to dig in and help out.  If I weren't busy with client work myself I would be digging in and hacking improvements
into the website right now.

Let's all work with Ben and Musea in order to take proper advantage of
Musea's offer to supply some hacking muscle for us to apply to the design and functionality of