Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Commenting on the documentation?

Posted by Carl Coryell-Martin on
Don, well I never thought it would happen to me, but I think I have been bitten by the low bandwidth of this forum, and I apologize.

Mea Culpa: My Attention Conservation Notice which included the phrase "and suggestion for work that someone else could do to make it better." was intended to be somewhat tounge in cheek: IE don't bother reading this notice unless you are willing to put up with the aforementioned. (This is a tick I picked up from hanging out on the Viridian Mailing List).

So let me add in my defense:

  • I tried to outline the various different ways of sharing my hard lessons and why they felt dissatisfactory.
  • I tried to suggest a simple change that I didn't have the power to make that could address many of my concerns.
  • I did attempt to review the current discussion on the topic.
Finally, I would happily take some responsibility for some of the module documentation and roll comments made by others into the core distribution. I did that for news (see this patch and ticket) and I am working on that for user-groups (my own comments and anyones that I can find on the bboard).


Carl C-M