Forum OpenACS Q&A: In the ticket tracker, what values does the ticket_status_info table hold?

I know this is not really the best place for this - it's a question I asked over at Arsdigita about Classic ACS, but nobody replied to me. 😟 I hope some of the gurus here can help out.

I'm working with ACS 3.4.10 and having a tough time figuring out some of the ticket tracker code. I want to use my own statuses rather than the ACS standard ones (open, closed etc.). I think I've got most of it figured out, but I'm still a bit unsure about the ticket_status_info table. What does it hold and where does it get used? I can't find any documentation about it either.

Can anyone throw some light on this area? thanks,
Well, since I inflicted this abomination on the world I guess I should
answer this one...

ticket_status_info data is basically used to drive the logic in ticket_actions and some in ticket-code-set.tcl
it isn't really documented but to get the set of valid status codes you
can inspect the tcl code.  The codes are also used for filtering on the main page (it gets incorporated into the main ticket view).

The intent was to use responsibility to drive ticket nagging but to
date no one implemented it.