Forum OpenACS Q&A: Install from Repository Broken

Posted by Matthew Burke on

I just installed 5.4.3 and have attempted to install additional packages using "Install from Repository" from


Take me back where I was (before the error)

Couldn't get the package list. Please try again later.
    while executing
"error "Couldn't get the package list. Please try again later.""
    (procedure "apm_get_package_repository" line 19)
    invoked from within

I ran into the same problem last Monday (while demo-ing in front of an audience).

If I browse to the repository ( I see that the only channel available is 5-5 (although there are no packages listed in that channel).

What gives?

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
The problem was that the server on was running out of memory (could not fork to execute cvs). I hope, the hosting team can upgrade the VM and perform a daily reboot. For now, i performed a manual rebuild of the repository, so things are for now back to normal.