Forum OpenACS Development: Porting Resources Document Now Available

After a call for such a document in the #openacs channel in (if you are working on OpenACS and have not stopped by there yet, you're missing out!), Vinod Kurup promptly got his hands to work and made this great document.

Vinod not only did what was asked for, but he also 'walked the extra mile' and included a FAQ and a section entitled 'A Day in the Life of a Porter' which outlines the things you should do to port OpenACS 4.x packages.

This document is now linked from the OpenACS 4.x page ( and is directly available here:

Kudos and thanks to Vinod for this excellent contribution.

Posted by Gilbert Wong on
Thanks Roberto and Vinod! You link doesn't go to the page. Here is the clickable link:
Posted by Michael Feldstein on
Wow! Great work.

In an ideal world, I'd like to put that FAQ in the FAQ module, so
that people don't have to hunt all over the site for FAQs.
Pragmatically speaking, though, this would mean (in the short
term) whoever wants to edit the FAQ would have to be assigned
general FAQ admin privileges or to go through me or Jerry to get
revisions made.

Any thoughts on the best way to handle this?

Posted by Don Baccus on
I don't see any reason not to give FAQ edit privs to a set of folks interested in helping write or maintain them.  Presumably these would be people already intimate with the code, project or process, meaning known to us, meaning trustable with responsibility, right?

Does the 4.x FAQ give finer granularity of control?  Mohan's porting it but I don't think he's done yet.  I ask because Musea's using 4.x as their base for their rewrite of the site.

Posted by Michael Feldstein on
<p>Here's what Luke Pond said about the issue, responding
specifically to my request for the ability to delegate FAQ admin
privileges on individual FAQs:</p>

<p><i>The more flexible permissions scheme in the 4.x data
model means that content administrators like Michael can easily
delegate responsibility for editing different content

Posted by Walter McGinnis on
After the site migration the /4/porting-resources.html is now dead.