Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to style modules?

Posted by Michael Feldstein on

Another, alternative way one may want to sort through content would be based on how many times a particular paper, FAQ or similar thing has been read...

Yup. That would be useful both to people searching for valuable information but also for site managers who want to see if important information is actually being found by the users.

The general idea with KM is to try and squeeze as much knowledge as you can from each individual while demanding as little from them as possible. Ratings and categorization are generally one-click operations, but it still can be a challenge to get users to do their part. Gathering knowledge based on user behaviors like pageviews is even better, because the users don't have to do anything they weren't going to do anyway.

There are a gazillion things we could do in this area, but I think general ratings and categorization are nice, low-hanging fruit.