Forum OpenACS Q&A: Powered By Logos?

Posted by Nathan Bogo on
Is there a library/repository of "Powered By" logos that include:
OpenACS, AOLserver, Postgresql, and other common OS/open-source
programs such as BSD, RedHat, tcl, etc.? I remember several posts last
year that discussed this issue, but could not find links to the actual
images. I want to add some advertising for these services to my sites.

I wonder... are these logos something that could be included on (or
linked from) the documentation page for future reference? Thanks in
advance. -nate

Posted by Simon Carstensen on
I'm not sure I'm reading your post correctly, but are you referring to this logo:

You'll find it at:

Posted by Nathan Bogo on
Yes! That solves the OpenACS logo, but are there not more images, in
kind, for the other "components" of an OpenACS site; i.e. AOLserver,
Postgresql, Tcl, etc.? These are the tools (plus an OS) that form the
basis of an OpenACS site, no?

My objective is to litter my clients' sites with all the logos, to
gain exposure. I am trying to do my part in selling the OpenACS
concept, and combat the evil (:grin:) ways of those other popular tools.

Several people/posts have commented on the topic of boosting OpenACS
popularity, specifically the tools we use for OpenACS. Does it not
make sense to provide easy access to all the logos and make it part of
our OpenACS Promotion project? (Do we have an official OpenACS
Promotion Campaign page? No offense if we do... I just did not find it
on the site.) Go OpenACS!!! -nate

Posted by Don Baccus on
There are some for postgres, too.  I don't know the exact URL, but try and

Don't know about AOLserver or Tcl, though ...

Posted by Roberto Mello on
It'd be very nice to have an "OpenACS Marketing" kind of thing, where those with marketing/graphics tallents could help us with ideas, logos, etc. in the promotion of the toolkit.

I put OpenACS and AOLserver logos in all my OpenACS sites, at the footer. If you look at you'll see them.

For a PostgreSQL logo, submit a recipe at my PostgreSQL CookBook ( and you get one absolutely free! :-)

Or you can grab it from

Posted by Michael A. Cleverly on
You can get Tcl logos at
Posted by Nathan Bogo on

Roberto has done a great job of capturing the critical logos and providing a brief description of each companies/product's purpose. Way to Go! Take a look:

Does it make sense to put a similar page on OpenACS? Perhaps under a separate page heading called OpenACS Marketing & Promotion? Each description could be the "2-minute drill" for each product, thus giving the un-aware and new level of awareness.

It will provide the users of OpenACS a place to quickly grab this info to plug it into their sites. If you do not mind, Roberto, I would like to "lift" some of the logos and prose for each, to plug into my sites.

OR do you prefer that I create a post that displays all this info, here. Let me know what you think. -nate

Posted by Roberto Mello on
Thanks Nathan, but that page is our club's sponsor "thank you" page. Feel free to grab any logos you like from there.

For the "Marketing" project, what I had in mind was something more along the lines of creating some ads/posters/flyers/papers kind of thing. This would be great for evangelizing and would give those in the community with these talents, a chance to help and participate.