Forum OpenACS Development: Status of non-interactive installer for OpenACS4?

What is the current status of a non-interactive installer for
OpenACS4?  Such a tool is needed to easily create RPM(s) for OpenACS4,
and with the core mostly ported, I'm starting to look at the
RPMification task...

I think it was Don who spoke briefly about such an installer, way
back... is anyone working on such a tool or planning to do so?


No one has stepped up to take on that task.  If you (or anyone else) is interested let me know.  I've got a general approach in mind and would be willing to help out with any questions as to how interactive bootstrapping and installation works.
Thanks, Don.  I'll wait and see whether someone else volunteers, before I think about agreeing to create the installer myself 😊

BTW, I don't think its creation was listed as a task on the status page.  Are there other known tasks which need doing for OpenACS4, that noone has 'claimed'?

Perhaps adding this task and others like it to the status page (so we'd see a section for each of: core packages, other packages, and other tasks) would make them more visible and so make it more likely that folks would step forward and offer to complete them?

You're absolutely right about adding stuff to the status page, of course.  I've tried to keep it complete but some things have slipped.

The non-interactive installer task itself arose when thinking about testing, when the issue of nightly builds was raised - you need this installer to do nightly builds.  This lies under a bigger morass named "testing", which currently isn't broken out on the status sheet.

I hadn't thought about the non-interactive installer being useful for RPMs, so have been holding it as something to dump into the "testing infrastructure" bin.

It's something I need to do soon, as well as start discussions here and looking around for someone willing to take organizing testing as a task much as Roberto's agreed to do with docs.

I also need to bug Roberto to provide a task list for documentation before much more time goes by.

I'll try to spend some time over the weekend or, at the latest, early next week fleshing out a bunch of non-porting tasks for the status sheet and discussion.

Sounds good to me.  I bugged Roberto a little about documentation stuff recently on IRC, so we're definitely thinking alike there 😊