Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Status of non-interactive installer for OpenACS4?

You're absolutely right about adding stuff to the status page, of course.  I've tried to keep it complete but some things have slipped.

The non-interactive installer task itself arose when thinking about testing, when the issue of nightly builds was raised - you need this installer to do nightly builds.  This lies under a bigger morass named "testing", which currently isn't broken out on the status sheet.

I hadn't thought about the non-interactive installer being useful for RPMs, so have been holding it as something to dump into the "testing infrastructure" bin.

It's something I need to do soon, as well as start discussions here and looking around for someone willing to take organizing testing as a task much as Roberto's agreed to do with docs.

I also need to bug Roberto to provide a task list for documentation before much more time goes by.

I'll try to spend some time over the weekend or, at the latest, early next week fleshing out a bunch of non-porting tasks for the status sheet and discussion.