Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to style modules?

Posted by David Kuczek on

I don't think that Talli wants to create a KM or a project module before he launches the new This would *really* be of the hill.

The starting question by Anthony was pointing to a KM tool ( so I abused the thread to get a discussion going on KM improvements inside openacs.

Another nice article is:

Anthony, I suppose that the teamroom has been merged into quickplace, because nobody is talking about it at Lotus anymore. The articles that I found on it were dated back to 1998!!!

K-station by Lotus is basically a combination of:

Sametime (could be Jabber), Quickplace (could be openacs projects based on OpenACES), Lotus Discovery Server (we have no pendant for a Knowledge Miner in openacs, could be a project for our search gurus) and IBM's Enterprise Information Portal (could be openacs portals)...

There we go... All we need is some nice skin and a out-of-the-box ability and we could charge $120 per user as Lotus does 😉