Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Using Xowiki from the Learning Design Player GRAIL

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
hmm, somehow i get the impression that some people think that xowiki is horribly inaccessible. Not sure, where you got this impression from. According to Cynthia Says, the xowiki documentation (an xowiki application, is compliant with WCAG 1+2, and section 508.
Hi Gustaf,

I'm afraid that an automatic evaluation is not enought to guarantee accessibility. A manual revision by some accessibility expert is required.


Posted by Emmanuelle Raffenne on
Hi Gustaf,

I wouldn't say "horribly" inaccessible, but it needs some work.

As Olga said, validators are useful but not sufficient to guarantee the accessibility of one page. The "Cynthia says" report leaves blank for the checkpoints that need to be manually verified.

I'm no accessibility expert but a review of the page you mentionned shows a few issues (e.g.: tree doesn't show up when js is disabled, h1 used for the "registered users" box, use of blockquote to indent text, not enough difference in color for links - but that one probably comes from theme-zen 2.4.0, it has been fixed in 2.4.1-, keyboard only users and screenreaders would have to go through all the tree links before getting to the main content).

Anyhow, this is an example of xowiki displaying content, accessibility of the pages to insert and manage content would have to be reviewed too.

Having an accessible wiki would be a great contribution for the community. For this reason, although I have to deal with other commitments, I'm willing to help to address accessibility in xowiki. We can talk about it in Valencia if you'd like.