Forum OpenACS Q&A: ACS and openness...

Posted by Robert Locke on
I think we're all aware that parts of future ACS releases will
be "closed" - ie, no source available.

Here's a thread on the Arsdigita billboards that provides a concrete
example of this.

Any opinions on this?

Uninstigatingly yours...

Posted by David Walker on
Last week I attended the Arsdigita Developer Conference in Chicago.
Arsdigita assured all of us in attendance that the ACS core and a
set of basic modules will remain open and free.  They also said that
purchased modules will be source licensed.  So source will still be
available for everything,  just in some cases with a price.
Posted by Michael Feldstein on
In the short term, AD's decision to close some of their code only
matters if you're thinking about moving to ACS Java. If so, then
you have to decide whether whatever licensing deal they come
up with works for you.

In the long term, this could be bad for the OpenACS community
because it potentially forecloses the idea of sharing datamodel
plus pageflow with ACS Java--at least on these new modules.
How serious a problem turns out to be will depend on (1) how
much truly cool and innovative stuff AD develops, (2) how much
creative and independent development we get going on
OpenACS after the port is complete, and (3) the degree to which
the ACS and OpenACS communities continue to overlap.

As for whether AD's idea is a good one or how we should feel
about it personally, we seem to expend an awful lot of energy on
these sorts of questions. For me, getting worked up over this
feels like a waste of my time right now. YMMV, though.