Forum OpenACS Development: Truncation of content_type__register_child_type command


I am getting the message:

Notice: "content_type__register_child_type" will be truncated to

Error: parser: parse error at or near

What shoudl I do so that the command is short enough so that the
truncation does not happen??? And it passes the compiler check as


The NOTICE messages about truncating the function name are harmless and they can be ignored.  Postgresql onely uses the first 32 characters of an identifier, and it ignores the rest, but as long as the first 32 characters are unique, you won't have any problems.

As far as the parsing error, I'm not sure about that.  I'm able to call content_type__register_child_type without any errors.  Could you do the following and post the results:

select definition from acs_func_defs where fname = 'content_type__register_child_type';

Dan I ran the command:

select definition from acs_func_defs where fname =

and the response was as follows:

    ERROR:  Relation 'acs_func_defs' does not exist

I also just went through the code to see if there was anything else that might have been truncated to a similar string but there is nothing similar.

I also now have this problem with the following call:

    content_folder__register_content_type (
        content_item.c_root_folder_id, 'cr_wp_presentation', ''f'');

which gives me the following error message:

    NOTICE:  identifier "content_folder__register_content_type" will          be truncated to "content_folder__register_conten"
    ERROR:  parser: parse error at or near "content_folder__register_conten"

Thanks again

acs_func_defs is defined in the acs-kernel package, in postgresql.sql.

The fact that you're missing this means that something's wrong with your installation.  Did you reinstall recently?