Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Truncation of content_type__register_child_type command

Dan I ran the command:

select definition from acs_func_defs where fname =

and the response was as follows:

    ERROR:  Relation 'acs_func_defs' does not exist

I also just went through the code to see if there was anything else that might have been truncated to a similar string but there is nothing similar.

I also now have this problem with the following call:

    content_folder__register_content_type (
        content_item.c_root_folder_id, 'cr_wp_presentation', ''f'');

which gives me the following error message:

    NOTICE:  identifier "content_folder__register_content_type" will          be truncated to "content_folder__register_conten"
    ERROR:  parser: parse error at or near "content_folder__register_conten"

Thanks again