Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Open ACS kernel + ACS modules

Posted by Don Baccus on
A port of file storage to Postgres has just started, and hopefully will be finished in a couple of weeks.  I haven't updated the status sheet to reflect this yet, as we just finalized that decision (i.e. who would do thte work) yesterday.

OpenACS 4.x *should* be able to run existing ACS Classic 4.s (i.e. aD Oracle-based) packages unchanged.  As of about six weeks ago, I know this worked for sure, i.e. loading and mounting of such packages worked fine.  It's not been tested recently because it's not of high priority during the actual porting process (I will make sure that it works by beta and/or final release, however!)

The existing OpenACS 4.x packages that you find in the tree that haven't been ported are vanilla ACS 4.x packages that have been slightly rearranged into our new framework, but which should still work well with Oracle.

There are some exceptions and caveats to the above:

1. We're removing the "places" packages - which literally could take HOURS to install - and replacing it with Jon Griffin's more generalized "acs-references" package.  You'll need to use our version of packages dependent on "places", even if you're using Oracle.

2. We've consolidated outgoing e-mail functionality into one packages,  "acs-mail", and are getting rid of "acs-notifications".  Packages dependent on "acs-notifications" won't work and you'll have to use our  version of them.

Our goal is to roll out some sort of alpha release (which may just be an officially blessed tarball linked from the project page) on or about August 15th.  This will include all packages that are currently marked "PORTED" on the status sheet and some or all or those marked "DATAMODELS" as well.  These will all support both Postgres and Oracle, but will have had minimal testing.  Serious testing will get underway at about that time.

If you want to help out with porting some of the existing packages, please let me know.  There are still a few that aren't assigned to any one yet.