Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Open ACS kernel + ACS modules

Posted by Jun Yamog on
Hi Don,

Thanks for giving me the info that Open ACS 4.x will run ACS 4.x modules with little hitches.  I have CVS OACS now if only I can get this ns_xml to work.  I will also try to see if there are any modules that I need that is still not yet assigned.  But as of now it seems that you guys are doing a great work.  The modules that I need are being ported already.

Go OpenACS! Go!

Hi Brian,

I have downloaded ACS 4.6 Java.  I will give it a try but so far I dont see our company using the Java solution right now.  We have a long history of using Aolserver and Tcl.  We have developed Aolserver v2 sites,, and  It was a natural for us to use ACS 3.x and OpenACS 3.x for and  We even have plain aolserver v3 sites and

Although we are not an exclusive aolserver tcl shop, but aolserver + tcl has proven time and time again that its a reliable and working platform.  We may decide to use Java but maybe not just yet, have to see 4.6 in action when I give it a whirl tomorrow.