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Posted by Kapil Thangavelu on
i just finished a fresh install of openacs4, and i wanted clear up
some questions regarding which products and versions to use. i would
like to clearly identify what the canonical sources are for future setups.

1. what version of aolserver and from where?

  - aD's last version (3.3ad13), which is probably not going to be
updated, its no longer listed on the main download page.

  - opennsd 3.5b1? from

  - aolserver3.4 or 3.3.1 from

i used an old version of aD's distro (3.2ad10) and it seemed fine.

2. what version of nsxml and from where

  - nsxml_0 from

  - yon derek's nsxml at

i used the yon's nsxml with the latest libxml/xslt stuff from the
gnome archives.

3. what version of postgres? any special compile options?

i assume we should always use the latest version from
with default options.

4. pgdriver

i assume the one distributed from


Posted by Don Baccus on
AOLserver: ad3.3+ad13 is probably best.  ad3.2+ad10 or ad3.2+ad12 suffers from a memory leak problem if you let it kill idle threads with Tcl 8x interpreters.

(Conversely, just configure it to never kill server threads, which is what AOL does for performance reasons anyway)

PostgreSQL: Latest official release is always the preferred release.


ns_xml: I'm not sure, Ben, Roberto?

Obviously we'll need to clearly document this stuff before release, and if aol3.3+ad13 is no longer easy to find at, we should have a copy here for downloading.

Posted by Michael Feldstein on
It looks to me like we have the raw ingredients of an FAQ here.
Are there any other questions that should be added to this list?
Kapil, would you be interested in taking responsibility for keeping
the FAQ up to date?
Posted by Don Baccus on
We had this list earlier, but all the targets moved on us :(
We need to make sure that the list is kept current and prominently posted on the new developer website.
In fact,
<a href="/new-file-storage/download/openacs-4.html?version_id=193"> here's</a>
the installation guide that Vinod put together some time ago to help porters get everything up and running.
<p>Maybe Kapil or Vinod could update it to reflect the locations of the newest and greatest versions of the tools needed to get up and running.
Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
The current guide seems to assume the system already has OpenACS 3.x installed; that may be common for porters, but will probably not be common for real OpenACS 4.x installs.

It might be more appropriate for documentation effort to go into new, "real" OpenACS 4.x documentation, including an Installation Guide for 'pristine' OpenACS 4.x installs, rather than editing docs that are very specific to the 'porter' subcommunity?

BTW, Roberto... now we have back online (!), could you post your stuff regarding overall plans for OpenACS 4.x docs?  What docs are needed for the Aug 15th alpha release?  And what docs are needed for the Aug 29 beta?  How can we get there from here? 😊

The next few days are not a great time for me to put in a lot of hours  of OpenACS work, but if I knew what the documentation (and misc other?) OpenACS4.x tasklist(s) looked like, there might be something I could usefully do.

Posted by Don Baccus on
I plan on pinging folks this weekend but my guess is we'll push off our release dates by a week.  I know at least a couple of folks were stung by not being able to get to the CVS tree.

If you are offering to help with docs, please by all means e-mail Roberto directly.  He's had some recent problems, i.e. net connectivity in student housing went away for awhile and came back just in time for the server to disappear, so it is understandable if he's a bit behind on getting the "doc doc" put together for public consumption.

Yes, the installation guide I pointed to was meant to be for folks working on the project, not newcomers to OpenACS.  Obviously our release docs need to be targetted to the general user, not ourselves.