Forum OpenACS Development: Response to openacs 4 infrastructure

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
The current guide seems to assume the system already has OpenACS 3.x installed; that may be common for porters, but will probably not be common for real OpenACS 4.x installs.

It might be more appropriate for documentation effort to go into new, "real" OpenACS 4.x documentation, including an Installation Guide for 'pristine' OpenACS 4.x installs, rather than editing docs that are very specific to the 'porter' subcommunity?

BTW, Roberto... now we have back online (!), could you post your stuff regarding overall plans for OpenACS 4.x docs?  What docs are needed for the Aug 15th alpha release?  And what docs are needed for the Aug 29 beta?  How can we get there from here? 😊

The next few days are not a great time for me to put in a lot of hours  of OpenACS work, but if I knew what the documentation (and misc other?) OpenACS4.x tasklist(s) looked like, there might be something I could usefully do.