Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Open ACS kernel + ACS modules

Posted by Don Baccus on
The OpenACS forum is *not* the right place to talk about ACS Java from
aD.  What ever happened to the concept that forum owners get to decide what's appropriate for their forums???

If enough people are interested we can start a different forum here at but as Talli points out we have licensing concerns, so we don't want our developers looking at ACS Java.  This alone would cut down the usefulness of a discussion forum.

But still, we could have such a forum and of course if licensing questions get answered or resolved in a way that makes it clear that our reading of ACS Java code doesn't threaten the GPL-ability of our project it would probably get a lot more traffic than it would today.

I have to wonder why an aD forum on their own toolkit wouldn't be popular, though.  Isn't that the logical place to host such a forum, not here?

I'm going to reiterate something I've mentioned at least once in this thread or a related thread:

When I say something's not appropriate for THIS FORUM that's exactly what I mean.  I don't mean that it's necessarily inappropriate for an forum - just THIS ONE.

This forum's about OpenACS.  If enough of the community wants an ACS Java forum then they should ask - though I'd want us to think through whether or not we'd feel comfortable doing so due to the license situation (please don't mistake this for philisophical opposition to adding forums to the website if there's enough interest, though!).

We could also add a "general interest" forum here at, leaving this forum (the OpenACS forum) for questions specific to the avrious OpenACS tookit versions, projects, etc.

web/db used to serve that functionality but people seem to spend more time here than there, now - even aD people - so maybe we should have our own general forum.