Forum OpenACS Q&A: More general web/db forum at

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
I think that creating a sort of "son of web/db" forum here at could be a good way to handle this, allowing a forum called "OpenACS" to deal with OpenACS, but also providing a suitable (separate) place for discussion about other related technologies and ideas.

The downside might be that (from what I've seen) that sort of traffic is intermittent here, it seems to come in short bursts.  The only way to find out if there would be sufficient traffic to sustain a new forum would be to try it, I suppose!  To be polite, we should perhaps first ask aD if they would have any strong negative feelings about our setting up a forum here which in a sense would be 'competition' or even a 'replacement' for their existing web/db forum?

It seems to me that if the community which once frequented web/db at aD has mostly migrated here, then a new more general bboard here makes good sense.  Something else for the forthcoming Museatech site makeover to include, perhaps.