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Posted by Roberto Mello on
I don't have much experience with Credit Card processing, but I was
wondering what people here have experience with and recommendations. I
was looking for both AOLserver/OpenACS-specific and more general

A friend of mine is doing work using Verisign's PayFlow Pro. Anyone
have comments on that?

With nsopenssl v2 supporting client side SSL, it may open interesting
possibilities on this area.


2: VeriSign PFPro (response to 1)
Posted by Tony Dunn on
I've just finished a project that used PayFlow Pro - they have
several implementations to choose from and great support for
payment testing (test site with online transaction history).  After
trying a few options, I finally decided to go with the Java version -
I loaded the JAR into Oracle, wrote a PL/SQL wrapper and had
the app just call a stored procedure.  Has worked quite well so
Posted by Rob Wright on
I was searching for information on credit card processing and found this thread to be helpful
Posted by Bob OConnor on

For historic reasons we have continued to use now called It is a pretty full featured shoping cart for $229/year or $80/quarter. They work with a bunch of different payment processors including paypal. Here is a list of features:

Our Payment processor is "Kachingg"

Securenetshop has a Silent Post feature that sends a copy of the completed (and paid) invoice back to our database.

In addition to the seamless connection with securenetshop, Kachingg has a direct terminal interface for manually processing charges and getting reports.

One thing we are looking for and have NOT yet found is how to charge recurring monthly membership fees. Currently we manually process these with the Kachingg terminal interface.

Has anyone used the OpenACS ecom module to do automated monthly billing? OR is there another alternative? -Bob OConnor

Posted by Brad Duell on
We've had great success using the ACS/OPENACS ecommerce package with verisign as our processor.  Cybercash was the only supported processor at the time we took this feat on, and has since been bought by Verisign (thus, the SDK was replaced as well).  I modified the previous cybercash module and it has been in production for us for a few months now.  You can check it out at:

Let me know of any questions.

Posted by Bart Teeuwisse on
Brad, the Verisign module is great replacement for the old CyberCash module. However, the OpenACS 4.x ecommerce module will soon be modified to work with payment gateways based on a service contract. Please search the bboard for 'CyberCash Verisign' ( for parallel threads with more information.

An alternative gateway to Versign based on the above service contract is in the works. A gateway to is not far of either. It wouldn't be too hard to wrap your Verisign module in the service contract (when the payment service contract get's published) thus making the module available to all other packages.

The securenetshop ( is indeed a full featured alternative to the ecommerce package offering features the ecommerce package is lacking. However, the disadvantage of securenetshop is that it lacks integration with the OpenACS database.

With the use of more service contracts we could split off many of the features of the monolithic ecommerce package into separate packages. Like the payment gateway, shipping rate calculations and search can be handled by service contract based services. While it will take time to accomplish all this, it does create a more flexible system. One could even have several ecommerce packages each tailored to different needs.

7: Re: Credit Card Processing (response to 1)
Posted by John Kim on
I also don't have much experience in card processing and was wondering if anyone knew of any merchant companies I can use?
8: Re: Credit Card Processing (response to 7)
Posted by Steve Manning on
9: Re: Credit Card Processing (response to 7)
Posted by David Siktberg on
Costco provides credit card services, and they have a partner that provides web-based services that you can drive from within your application.  I've used it for years to accept credit cards on our site, and it works fine.  You also get a web portal to manage transactions manually - for special charges, voids, etc.
Posted by Ciaran De Buitlear on
We built and uploaded a package to facilitate use of EPDQ from Barclays a while back.