Forum OpenACS Q&A: new openacs site up (alpha)

Posted by Todd Gillespie on
I've opened up my new app. It's a collab system for relational schemas -- it only targets Postgres and Oracle right now, but I'm close to developing a general solution to multi-DBs. It has potential to turn into a sort of for data modeling, with many users developing a set of DDL patterns, but my primary motivation is as a useful schema documentation & generation site. I quote from the /about.html file:
I was sick of going to work on a system and finding out that even the developers didn't know what was in the DB, and the production of documentation was hobbled by being locked into each developer's desktop editor or modeler. I wanted a more advanced system of versioning database schema than Emacs, cvs, and "the modeler's brain". Some other nice things might be web access, multiple DB targeting, selective sql generation, versioning, and groups. This is my (admittedly crufty) solution.
Here is the link:


You can log in as 'anonymous/changeme' if you don't want to register. I set up some tables from lobs, modules, community-core, and user_groups as the demo schema. Please note that this is heavily alpha and any data you define might not have a clear upgrade path.

I hope someone here finds some utility in it. And if not, hey, it has a long way to go.