Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): Re: TIP #71 (Proposed): Add Jon Griffin's new Paginator Procs to Core Release

So Don, now that you've taken this on and figured out what's going on with the current code, what pagination do your recommend OpenACS use going forward? The old crappy List Builder pagination? The improved-by-Don but still Evil pagination? Something basically based on Jon Griffin's paginator procs? Or what?

I'm actually rather astonished that this thread seems to have generated so much debate. The List Builder's built-in pagination sucks, this has been well known for a long time. Lars wrote all of List Builder, and if I remember correctly, he himself has said in these Forums that its built-in pagination sucks and should be fixed.

Jon Griffin's paginations procs are not "new", they've been around for at least a year now (maybe two). Several people have used them (I have not), and everyone who has seems to agree that they are a major improvement over the existing lousy List Builder pagination.

Joel, your heart is in the right place, but you're putting up straw men. If the toolkit is broken, it needs to be fixed - and AFAICT everyone who's examined the issue seems to agree that the List Builder pagination is definitely broken. If there is insufficient, contradictory, or just plain misleading documentation, then that is also a breakage that needs to be fixed - but that second breakage is in no way a justification for stopping someone from fixing the first breakage.

By all means, change the proc names or do whatever else is necessary or desirable to integrate Jon's pagination implementation smoothly into OpenACS - but do it! Now, if Don has figured out an even better solution, way cool, but please, somebody pick one of the improvements available and actually put it into the toolkit.