Forum OpenACS Q&A: Offtopic: Can I get popup windows to quit grabbing focus on Win9x

Is there something I can do to quit letting other things (e.g.,
random, spurious windows) grab focus on Win9x? I need to boot Win98 SE
sometimes and it's really annoying while I'm typing in emacs to lose
focus because of some stupid popup ad. Is there some registry setting
that I can hack (and if so, how do I do this)?

Sorry, I'm just rather annoyed by this today, but I'd still like to
know if this is possible. I understand very little about Windows so
any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi Sean,

if you just want to get rid of web popup windows you can use webwasher. this is a little proxy application, that can filter cookies, javascript, animated gifs and a lot more. it is highly configurable. you can download a free version (for home use) at

Thanks Peter. I've been using Junkbuster for a couple of years now, but I'll try Webwasher (Junkbuster is another proxy-type app that does similar stuff). On Windoze, I'm using a cheapo dial-up ISP and they cram some ads in my face. I was just hoping there would be some way to hack the "window manager".
I believe the windows API call is SetForegroundWindow, and I don't know of any way to globally disable it.