Forum OpenACS Q&A: Cannot Delete User Groups

Posted by amit singh on
I created a user group of type portal_group in version 3.2.5. When i tried to delete it it gave me an error like:
Errors since 22/Aug/2001:18:38:06

    Error: Ns_PgExec: result status: 7 message: ERROR: 
portal_group_info: Permission denied.

    Error: dbinit: error(localhost::acs,ERROR:  portal_group_info:
Permission denied.
    ): 'delete from user_groups where group_type =  'portal_group''

    Error: Database operation "dml" failed
    Database operation "dml" failed
        while executing
    "ns_db dml $db "delete from user_groups where group_type = 
line 119)
        invoked from within
    "source $script"
        (procedure "ns_sourceproc" line 6)
        invoked from within
    "ns_sourceproc cns109 {}" - - [22/Aug/2001:18:39:17 +0530] "GET
/admin/ug/group-type-delete-2.tcl?group_type=portal_group HTTP/1.0"
500 530
"Mozilla/4.75 [en] (X11; U; Linux 2.2.16-22 i686)" - - [22/Aug/2001:18:39:17 +0530] "GET
/pull-down-menus/style?menu_id=1 HTTP/1.0" 200 1172 "" "Mozilla/4.75
[en] (X11; U; Linux 2.2.16-22 i686)"

Cansome help me get rid of the error.
Posted by Roberto Mello on
Looks like a PG permissions problem to me. You probably created the database as one user and AOLserver is accessing the database as another user who does not have all privileges to the tables in that database.

You should create the database as the AOLserver user to avoid that type of problem.

Posted by amit singh on
Thanks Roberto,

I was using the rpm version in which the user is acs. and my init.file was configured for nsadmin as per the documentation. I was able to delete the same after doing the necessary Modifications.

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
Amit, do you mean that the RPM version includes a file where the DB user is set to 'nsadmin'?  If so, which file and which line of that file?  Or do you mean you edited a file to do this?

If I've left an instance of 'nsadmin' (is that really the recommended PG username) somewhere it shouldn't be, I'll very gladly change it to acs so things work better 😊