Forum OpenACS Development: File storage updated with optional RSS in version 5.1.0a12

The file-storage package has been updated with the ability to create RSS feeds for folders. This provides an alternate means of notification by which users can subscribe their news readers to the feed for a folder. Combined with RSS enclosures and WebDAV, we can build pretty interesting platforms for multimedia content delivery.

The service is turned off and hidden by default. To turn it on, set the new ExposeRssP parameter to 1 for the package instance. Then a "Configure RSS" button will appear in folder view for users with admin privilege. A couple of new screens enable creation and editing of RSS feeds for the folder. Enclosures may be optionally included by setting the "enclosure match patterns" variable, which functions are a mask for determining which files should get an enclosure element in the feed. Finally, for folders with feeds configured, links to the feed will be exposed on the folder page. Be sure to update packages/acs-subsite/www/resources/xml.gif to get the ubiquitous graphic symbol for feeds, the white-on-orange xml button.

These changes are committed to the oacs-5-1 branch. If you're working from CVS, be sure to upgrade in APM as this requires a data model upgrade. Upgrades and vanilla installation have been tested against both Postgres and Oracle, so, praise Murphy, this should work. The openacs-5-1-compat tag for file-storage has been bumped up to include these changes.

An important disclaimer -- this new feature does not work with password-protected parts of the site. Password protected feeds and enclosures are unevenly supported in the RSS world, but when they are it's via HTTP authentication. Until we tackle the authentication beast, this feature will only work for publically readable instances of file-storage.
Hi Andrew,

Thank you very much for this new contribution. File-storage is getting better and better each new version.

I needed this little modification to create feeds for fs folder in postgresql 7.3.5

+++ file-storage/tcl/file-storage-rss-procs-postgresql.xql Fri Dec 17 00:23:34 2004
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
and type != 'folder'
and $revisions_clause
order by last_modified desc
- ) v limit :max_items
+ ) as v limit $max_items

Applied and committed on oacs-5-1. Thanks!
5: 5.1.0a13 update (response to 1)
Posted by Andrew Grumet on
I fixed a couple of subtle constraint issues on fs_rss_subscrs.subscr_id and bumped the openacs-5-1-compat tag. The new version is 5.1.0a13. There are tested upgrade scripts for oracle and pg for anyone running on 5.1.0a12.