Forum OpenACS Q&A: OpenACS in Spain (Barcelona)?

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Posted by Mohan Pakkurti on

I am curious to know if there is anyone using or working with OpenACS
or Classic ACS in Spain.

Thanks for any info.

Posted by Sarah Ewen on

I'm sure there must be some OpenACS projects in Spain.

I can definitely tell you of some classic ACS projects, however. have been using the ACS as an integral part of their business. Briefly, they have their own development team who build sites to host competitive purchasing clusters.

Four of us in the aD London office went out to Barcelona in June to help out with a Bootcamp which they hosted; needless to say it was probably better organised than most of our own :-) They also coaxed us into giving some talks too (hangovers permitting).

We also met two lecturers/researchers at Universidad Complutense, Madrid, who came to the bootcamp. They have used/are using the ACS in some of their research, though I'm a bit fuzzy on details I'm afraid. put up some pages about the bootcamp with the agenda, presentations, and some photos. So, if you want to know what ACS users in Spain look like, there you are.

Posted by Owen Byrne on

Actually this site seems to be becoming a refuge for former development staff. There's me, Eric Van Buggenhaut, and Os Tyler.

Personally I would not consider them an ACS firm - there is no mention of Ars Digita on their website and they used very little of the actual toolkit. An Aolserver/Oracle/Tcl firm, yes, ACS - no. And don't get me started on the frames and animated GIFs :-).

IMHO (and 9 months with the company). Greetings, Eric!

Posted by Frank Bergmann on

Yes, there is ACS development in Barcelona at Also, a few weeks ago a second ACS 3.4 project has started here that will appear soon at and there is a consulting company in Vizcaya. Please contact me for the names and email of the contact persons. Thanks Sarah for the links to our pages, that's quite complete.

And yes Owen, I basicly agree with you that we're not using much of the ACS 3.4 modules. But we are definitely based on the ACS philosphy (non-OO simple web services) and on the ACS toolkit and libraries. But I don't know if this qualifies us to be a ACS company...

Greetings to all of you!


Posted by Owen Byrne on
Hey Frank,

I shouldn't post things on the web before my morning coffee. ;-). Good to see that somebody is still there though.

Posted by Kevin Crosbie on
Just following up on this posting.  I´ve recently moved from Ireland, where I was working with Quest Computing, to Malaga in Spain and I was wondering if there are any ACS/OpenACS companies around the area that I could look up.