Forum OpenACS Development: "New" problems in current CVS version.

For the sake of this test I was using AOLServer 3.2+Ad 12 w/Oracle
8.1.6 and code downloaded today from CVS (acs-core and notes package

After ignoring the ns_xml warning as mentioned in another thread, I
noted problems in loading the datamodels for two modules: acs-content-
repository-create.sql and acs-workflow-create.sql.

Is it "just me" or are others experiencing the same thing under
Oracle?  I did not experience these problems a few months ago when I
experimented with an older version of the code.

(If it turns out that others are NOT experiencing the same issues,
then I will post more detailed information).

Posted by Jon Griffin on
Oracle has those "new" problems. Since it isn't beta or even alpha I was waiting for the porters to work on this before reporting.
Posted by Dan Wickstrom on
I see several errors due to notifications procedures not being defined, and I see an error in the CR creation due to wf_cases not being defined.  This is quite strange.  I don't recall seeing these errors the last time I loaded oracle.
Posted by Dave Manginelli on
Thanks for the follow-ups, Jon & Dan.

Since I'm new to both Linux & ACS I never quite know for sure whether I'm causing my own problems or not...

Posted by Don Baccus on
Dan and Vinod have to connect - the notifications procedures are now in acs-mail and acs-notifications has disappeared.

I'll take this up offline with Vinod and Dan ...

Posted by Jun Yamog on
I am also encountering this errors too.  I think I emailed privately
DanW the snippets of the error messages about last week since I was
not too sure that it was a problem or it was just me.  Thanks for this
thread that I have a better idea of the problems.