Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to GreatBridge WebSuite -- Why aren't we selling OpenACS for $2500 a pop?

Great Bridge WebSuite includes: 
*	Great Bridge PostgreSQL 7.1.2, the world's most advanced 
open source database; 
*	Apache 1.3.19, the industry leading Web server; 
*	PHP 4.0.4, a server-side scripting language for creating 
dynamic web pages; 
*	Apache modules, including PHP, Perl, Python, Tcl, and Java; 
*	XML modules, including Cocoon, Xerces, and SOAP; 
*	Bandwidth management and security authentication modules; 
*	Administration tools suite featuring Webmin, PgAccess, and 
*	Bluefish, an advanced HTML editor for web designers and 
*, a web-based project management tool.
they are charging $2500 for that!

The shady businessman lurking inside me thinks that is pretty cool. I wonder however, are there any licensing problems with that software that would make that illegal? Or is it essentially the same thing GNU did back in the day when they sold all the gnu tools on whatever media to universities or large organizations? (the difference being the guys at GNU actually _wrote_ the free software they were selling...).

the real question i guess. Is anyone actually going to BUY this? It seems like it would be much more cost efficient to pay some high school student $200 (or $50) to download and install all that software. I suppose that the greatbridge people would argue that "you are paying for support." But...the marketing blurb seems to imply that you only get 30 days of support! sure doesn't sound like on-site support. I'm pretty sure you could get any laid off dot-com employee to do this job for $2500 for one month. (not to mention you could get a high-school student to do it (better) for 1/3 that).

I ask this because, programming is fun (uh...sometimes) but who REALLY wants to work for a living? I'm looking forward to the day when I can start my shady business reselling openACS CDROMs for $50000 a pop and spend the rest of my time racing my NSX, hot-air ballooning around the world, and appearing on MSNBC panels about "network computing" with a weird looking beard and bad tanning-salon tan. All I need to do is figure out who the suckers are that actually PAY these large sums for free software burned to CDRoms...