Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Re: Problem getting WYSIWYG editor with richtext widget running

You may need to call <master src="blank-master"> and change rows to 6 or more to see the htmlarea. Try in a blank document by calling <master src="blank-master"><formtemplate id="new_uos"></formtemplate>

... blank-master isn't defined in my package. Am I supposed to derive it from somewhere else? I've tried setting a field to the size of the screen but that doesn't change it for me.

Did you check the allowedTag and allowedAttribute parameters in the kernel? Do you have code that is "older". Is htmlarea actually available (check blank-master). Is javascript not blocked? ....

Currently AllowedAttribute is set to "href" for me, and AllowedTag is: B I P A LI
Javascript shouldn't be blocked, as I have other forms utilizing it (just simple form validation), so it shouldn't be that.

I'm just wondering about what you've mentioned about html being in blank-master. Do I need to download the zip file of htmlarea for this, or ?

Thanks for your help.
Cheers, Jon

Forget my previous post, I've included blank-master from my main dotlrn/www/ directory and it shows up perfectly.

*smacks forehead* here's to my own incredulous incompetency :)

Thanks again!