Forum OpenACS Q&A: Logging: reverse dns lookups and file access permissions

I have a patch at http://www.theashergroup. com/download, ns_log_modes, that modifies nsd/log.c to examine a new config.tcl parameter
 ns_section ns/parameters
 ns_param   serverlogmode             0664
nsd/log.c will open the server log and then change its mode to serverlogmode. Serverlogmode defaults to 0644.

Also, the access log has a similar change:

 ns_section ns/server/yourserver/module/nslog
 ns_param accessmode                  0664
 ns_param iplookups                   true
nslog/nslog.c will open the access log and then change its mode to accessmode. Accessmode also defaults to 0644.
I find that opening logs to different modes is useful for ISPs or corporate installations of AOLserver, in which different users, at different times, may need to start/stop AOLserver, and/or delete the log files.

I also added a new parameter, iplookups that defaults to off. If set to on, then the access log will perform Reverse DNS Lookups for you. The usual caveat applies, that this can slow down overall AOLserver performance.

Just to mention that there's a separate command-line utility with Apache that will resolve log DNS addresses (cleverly called logresolve, if I remember correctly). You can keep reverse DNS lookups off with AOLserver, rotate your logs, then use logresolve to process separately. Then you can feed it to your favorite traffic analyzer.