Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Making OpenACS4 believe in itself

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
Thanks, Don. Sorry for the extra patch application grief. I've never used the SDM to patch anything. I only have anon CVS access :-) Making patches with diff -uNr from above the place where you untar the tarball (and later applying with -p1) is a common RPM world convention, so it is what I tend to do out of habit. I'll try using cvs -z3 -q diff -N -u for OpenACS4 from now on.

BTW, you've apparently not committed those patches yet... I just did a cvs update, and they didn't show up here. No rush at all, I'm glad they were useful.

I've been waiting for Roberto's "doc doc" to go public, for a while now... I'll send him email and see if I can be useful.