Forum OpenACS Q&A: aD CEO Shaheen interviewed on

Would have been nice if the interviewer had asked Mr. Shaheen about the limitations of the 4.6 aDPL.

And about the plan to seperately licence certain modules as somewhat closed-source items (though I understand that those modules are for big-ticket items).

Curiously, the one thing he didn't touch on is the time-old issue (that open source re-exposes) of how a purely services based business avoids the upward cost curve as it grows.
One could suggest that the way open source efforts could acheive it is by leveraging and coordinating the 'community' around the product so as to lower product development cost and therefore present a model not entirely dependant on spiralling overheads and inward investment.
I guess though its pretty clear these days that AD doesn't see much wisdom in that particular approach 😉
Also, I noted he raised (quite correctly) the idea that technology and open source aren't in themselves the end goal (or focus) of customers, who are far more preoccupied with business benfit. It still therefore bemuses me as to why a cumbersome Java based solution became necessary (you may recall claims that this decision was largely client driven).
A big focus on CMS too! Dangerous territory you would think, given the last attempt at it 😉
Interesting article though (if somewhat toothless interviewer). Look forward to seeing you in the marketplace Alan.