Forum OpenACS Q&A: Long time to serve page when using IP?

Why would it take ~one min before a page begins to load when
accessing it by IP?

I am working on a site from a remote location, and the site doesn't
have an active domain yet so I am accessing it with the IP. Every
several page reloads, it takes a long time before it begins to load.

I tried this on my personal site (running OpenACS), and it too takes
a long time to load when accessing it by IP, but it's lightning quick
when accessed by its domain.

The only browser on the computer I am using is IE 5.5, so I haven't
tried it in Netscape.

Any ideas?

is your DNS reverse lookup ok?<pre>
You could also put those IP addresses in your /etc/hosts file and see if it's going better<pre>
Posted by Gilbert Wong on
I don't think that's a issue with using an IP.  I've been developing a site for a client and have been using an IP address.  No delays.  From your description, I think your AOLServer instance is restarting itself.  Check the AOLServer log file and look for nsthread or ns_realloc error messages.  Everytime AOLServer restarts, it has to resource the TCL procs and that takes time.
Posted by Todd Gillespie on
My experience with IE 5.5 tells me that IE could be caching everything and serving it up on domain access, but actually contacting your server on IP accesses. IE has, in the past, been fairly ruthless and heavy-handed on local caching, and totally ignores the Reload/Refresh functions. Perhaps it always takes a long time, but you have not yet noticed?

OTOH, without any logging information, we can't really help.