Forum OpenACS Q&A: openacs install error: aolserver-postgresql failed dependencies

Hello, After installing aolserver-3.2-4_ad12_nsxml.i386.rpm, I install openacs and got this error:
# rpm -i -vv openacs-3.2.5-2.noarch.rpm

 Requires: aolserver-postgresql                     
package openacs-3.2.5-2 require not satisfied: aolserver-postgresql
opening db index       /var/lib/rpm/Basenames create mode=0x42

opening db index       /var/lib/rpm/Conflictname create mode=0x42
error: failed dependencies:
        aolserver-postgresql is needed by openacs-3.2.5-2
Where can I get the aolserver-postgresql module? Thanks.

The aolserver-postgreql package you are missing is the pgdriver. All the RPMS are supposed to be available here. But it seems that location is down for the time being.

I have put up the aolserver-postgresql here on my own webspace for you.

Install that first and you should have no problem installing openacs rpm.

Let's rock and roll.


Thank you for the rpm.  I was not able to access today.
Now I know aolserver-postgresql means the pgdriver.  I got openacs
installed.  Thanks for your quick response. 
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Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
Sadly the single T1 that connects to the outside world is down at the moment... we're doing all we can to persuade the ISP to get it restored!

If there are other RPMs of mine that people need right away, let me know here on the bboards, and I can upload them to new-file-storage here on