Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to rolling the server log -- AOLServer 3.2-x?

Posted by David Walker on
here's the appropriate section of my nsd.tcl on one of my boxes that rolls the server logs. Let me know if you figure out which settings you need to roll the server logs.

ns_section "ns/parameters"
        ns_param   home         $homedir
        ns_param   debug        false
        ns_param   MailHost
        ns_param   ServerLog    /var/log/nsd/server-${server}.log
        ns_param   LogRoll      on
        ns_param   LogMaxBackup 5
        ns_param   KeepAliveTimeout 0
        ns_param   MaxKeepAlive     0
        ns_param   PidFile      /var/run/nsd/nspid.${server}