Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: LDAP Module Installation in 5.1.x

Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
Here is apparently a copy of the readme:
which appears to have install instructions.

Try the latest nsldap tarball:

and let me know
a) which link is useful and current
b) where the bad links were

so I can fix them.

Posted by Bob Powell on
Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

On the ACS site under "documentation", "openacs 5.1.x", "installed packages" "authentication", "installing LDAP support" install auth-LDAP OpenACS service package" then "install" link. Permissions aren't granted to get to documents.

The option #1 above that also takes me to Oscar Bosilla's site but there is no installation information there either.

Under 'uninstalled packages' there is a link for "ACS LDAP authentication where I also looked for information. That link takes me to white papers but no installation information.

Thanks again !

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Hi Bob, how do you want to install LDAP. Note there are two possible scenarios:

1) You install LDAP to store your passwords encrypted in the database. Then you are clear to go.

2) You use LDAP to authenticate against. Then you need the patched LDAP sources which I have lying around somewhere and which Oscar wanted to clean up a bit :).

I know parts of the documentation are patchy at best, but if you could tell us where your problems are or if you hang out on IRC while I'm there, I'm more than happy to help