Forum .LRN Q&A: Syllabus failure when "dotLRN Users" role has not read permission

If an admin revokes 'read' permission to 'dotLRN Users' and the user has permission to read the document by other roles syllabus doesn't show the document.
Change the next code in function "get_syllabus_info_list" to fix this bug:
Change this code
set rows [fs::get_folder_contents -folder_id $public_folder_id -user_id [dotlrn::get_users_rel_segment_id] 
set rows [fs::get_folder_contents -folder_id $public_folder_id -user_id [ad_conn user_id] 

set pretty_name "MESSAGE KEY MISSING: 'dotlrn-syllabus.pretty_name'"
set pretty_name [_ dotlrn-syllabus.pretty_name ]
Aditionally, to use this function from DS shell we should pass community_id to dotlrn_community::get_portal_id.
Hi Luis,

Regarding using the "_" proc instead of the message key, that would work only in a one-language environment. In a multi-language environment, the name/title of the syllabus has to be the message key so it will be presented in the language of the user.

Thanks for the other fixes.