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4: Re: ACS Categories (response to 3)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Maybe categories in the 5.4.3 tarball are broken as well! Background for my previous posting: I had a working version of categories, did an update to the current head version (including the mentioned change-set) and could reproduce the problem you had. Going back to the previous state (the version of the morning of "09 November 2008") fixed it again.
5: Re: ACS Categories (response to 4)
Posted by Richard Hamilton on
You are a complete star!! :-)

I have put the 9th November Categories file tree back into the packages directory as you suggested without making any database changes and re-started the server.

Not only does the categories admin section now work properly, but now when I add pages to xowiki they are immediately indexed and the result is to be found in the txt table.

Perhaps a diffs between the HEAD version of Categories and the 9th November version will yield some useful information!

All working brilliantly now.

Thank you

6: Re: ACS Categories (response to 4)
Posted by Denis Barut on

I add this line at the end of the master.tcl in cadmin/ :

set form_vars [export_ns_set_vars form {locale form:mode form:id __confirmed_p __refreshing_p formbutton:ok} [ad_conn form]]

and it solve the problem of : can't read "form_vars": no such variable

I have another question about the permissions in xowiki.
We need to let people add new articles and allow them edit only the one they created.

Is that possible with the standard permissions/policies of xowiki ?

Thank for your answer.


7: Re: ACS Categories (response to 6)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Concerning policies: you have to create your own policy, where one can give certain rights to the "creator". If you want to allow just the creator to edit an ::xowiki::Page, use

Class Page -array set require_permission {
edit creator
The newly created policy (e.g. policy6) should be loaded like the other policies and should be activated by the xowiki package parameter.

8: Re: ACS Categories (response to 5)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Concerning the categories: the head version is fixed again.