Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Assessment Section Points

Posted by Eduardo Santos on
Hi Dave,

I'm taking a look at the CVS activity and I'm not sure if I'm doing the same as you guys. My focus was about action and trigger execution and to provide grades in a section based assessment.

I can see the datamodel is ready to calculate section points as you said, but it's not working. In my analysis, I found four tables wich seems to be involved, in that way:

as_item_section_map -> It says the question value
as_item_data -> It says the total points the user was able to reach in that question
as_assessment_section_map -> Maximum points for the whole section
as_section_data -> Total points for the user in that section

The pages to provide points for the students were not working, mostly based on asm-admin/results-edit, and I guess I was able to fix those. The thing now is to provide the student points for the whole assessment, wich doesn't seem to be working.

I agree with you that the best solution for this is to use triggers in the database, but I don't want to fix this myself alone and lose all my work when I have to upgrade the package. I thought maybe you could give me some directions so I can work on it, and then give you the code for analysis and commit in the CVS. What do you think?