Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Where to get _real_ Aolserver 3.3.1ad13?

Posted by Marcin Bajer on
Robert, Sean and Jerry - thanks a lot for your helpful comments.

After reading the Sean's second comment I thought: "yes, that is possible I am that lame" 😊 In fact I was running nsd from /usr/local/aolserver, but that is also the default prefix specified in aolserver/include/, so I was running the binaries compiled a while ago, not some old ones.

The problem lies somewhere else, but since I got the right sources from the Roberto's site, I do not care anymore. However I am still curious what happened. Here is what I did: I had problems getting the tarball from via browser (Lynx, to be specific), so I managed to extract the right (?) link and feeded it to wget:

wget -t0 
Looks like this link leads to the older version of the Aolserver tarball.

I am wgetting the file again from AD right now and it looks thats the same file I got 2 days ago (size in bytes: 3,659,734). Jerry, what is the size of the tarball you checked?