Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to request for review: TUX and nsd document

Posted by Todd Gillespie on
And Andrew and Vadim did seek to find one who desireth such a server:
Finally, and I admit I'm curious, are you just pursuing this AOLserver / TUX thing as a cool research project, or do you actually have someone who thinks that a user-space web server isn't going to be fast enough for them?
Yeah. Me. And some people I have worked with in the past, who would like to stop buying Suns by the rack.

My question is, when did we stop appreciating the cool hack, and demand cost validation on everything?

In response to Andrew's 2 technical questions: paragraphs 3,4, and 5 in your message can be consolidated into 'do static files pass through the nsd filter system'. I am well aware of the problems faced by this approach, and perhaps it might be best for TUX to pass all requests for simplicity's sake. I am currently doing silly tricks to make TUX pass some static files to nsd, like setting the sticky bit on these files. But for the vast majority of static files, I don't want the ACS security filters on them. I am looking for a general solution, it will probably include some concept of a URL tree in TUX that can be bound and assigned to different daemons.

I'm not really sure where this hostility has come from. I think the general architecture of the TUX subsystem is exceedingly sweet, and I would like to get around people's blind spot where AOLserver is concerned with some insanely fast benchmarks. This is win-win.