Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: What are you working on?

Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Solution Grove is working on integrating eccomerece with .LRN to allow the collection of fee's for classes. The spec calls for a variety of use cases including bundles of classes and different prices for different types of users. This work is funded by Coachville and will be delivered by March.

Solution Grove recently contributed a new version of the survey package in contrib. We expanded the survey functionality to allow the admin to give the survey questions variable names then use those variables to create custom reports. The reports are version controlled and allow for the use of ADP tags for simple logic. Note that you can escape to tcl from adp, in our systems only Site Wide Admin had access to report editing. The use cases we used this for were "Prescription and Diagnosis": The user answers a survey about his organization's current situation and then received a report with suggestions such as reading lists and next steps. This work was funded by the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and by Innonet and a grant from the Hewlett Foundation.

Solution Grove also recently contributed survey library and survey-builder-ui. The use case is: The site owner creates a library of useful surveys. The user takes a survey from the library, modifies it, and then distributes it by emailing out a url. Survey-builder-ui uses the survey data model but provides a simpler interface to a subset of survey's functionality. This work was funded by Innonet under a grant from the Hewlett Foundation.