Forum OpenACS Q&A: A few questions about xowiki

Posted by Claudio Pasolini on
I have already used xowiki to build some simple sites, but now I want to store the content pages (several hundreds) into different xowiki instances, and so I need a way to reference all this pages.

Looking at the docs I found that linking a xowiki page living in another instance is easily accomplished with the following syntax:

[[//path/to/other-xowiki/pageReference|link label]]

I tried the same approach to link files and images, i.e.

[[//path/to/other-xowiki/file:myfile|link label]] and
[[//path/to/other-xowiki/image:myimage|link label]]

but in the first case, instead of downloading or viewing the file, I get a page from which I can click another link and only then get the file.

The second format simply don't work.

Is there a different syntax to link files and images stored as xowiki files? Or should I store them in file-storage?

Now the last question: is there a way to link a section of the same page without asking xinha to turn to plain html?

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
The links to pages of other instances were only partially implemented so far. In the new version in cvs HEAD, one can link with //... to files and images in other instances in the syntax as you guessed. One can link as well to other local resources (e.g. //resources/...., or //fs/....).

Files and images are stored in the cr with a file: prefix. If this file is referenced via [[image:...]] it is rendered as image, in case it is referenced via [[file:....]] just a link is provided.

links to local labels can be achieved via [[#someanchor]]. The previous version required non-empty page names, now the page name can be left empty to refer to the actual page.

Posted by Claudio Pasolini on
Thank You Gustaf,

after getting the very last updates from CVS all the links to pages, files and images in other instances works perfectly!

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Dear Claudio,

i have not replied to another issue from your posting, about inserting anchors.

To insert an anchor in a page, one can use Xinhas InsertAnchor plugin without adding it in plain HTML. To refer to an anchor, one can use the wiki-notation as shown above.