Forum OpenACS Q&A: ACS with WebObjects/WebLogic?

Posted by Russell McBride on
1- Can ACS be integrated into a WebObjects (Apple) or WebLogic (BEA) system?

WebObjects has certain advantages, like JavaClient app creation for more complex interfaces than you can get with basic web browsers. But it lacks the nice robust modules that facilitate group workflow. Has anyone tried to integrate the ACS system with WebObjects? And would ACS 4 + run on OS X?

2- Would there be any benefit to doing this?


Posted by Walter McGinnis on
OpenACS 4 will run on OS X.  You can find an install guide here: file.tcl?file_id=217

Unfortunately, new-file-storage is undergoing some
reconfiguration, so you may not be able to access this file at the
moment.  You should be able to in the future.  If you are in a hurry
you can email me and I'll point you to a private copy.

Note that there are a few additional steps that may be required
for 10.1.  They are towards the end of this post:

Using the HOWTO as a rough guide, you might also be able to
get ACS 4 classic working on Mac OS X, but I haven't tried.
OpenACS 4 is currently pre-alpha, but some people are already
using it for production sites.

Posted by John Sequeira on
If you commit to incurring the development overhead of an app server,  you're probably best using the app-server's scripting/templating and permissioning conventions to write your pages.

Although I don't have deep app server experience,  my intuition (and numerous developer buddies ) tell/s me that there would  be so much overlap in functionality between a standard J2EE implementation and o/ACS as to render the exercise of combining them frustrating,  and with little reward.

Both platforms require a significant learning investment to really reach fluency.  I would hate to try to master both at the same time.